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Ben & his Budgies – Budgie Breeder:

Dear Malcolm,

As you know, I have always been a convert of yours and due to my circumstances recently I had to cut back a bit on the supplements in a cost cutting effort and after having a fantastic start to the breeding season (and super fit birds in the flight) it all stopped, hens didn’t feed as strongly, cocks seemed lethargic, less full eggs etc! Started to use the products fully again a little over a month ago and I kid you not almost over night the fitness level changed! The birds were noisy and bouncing again. Feeding hens are giving chicks full crops and I have eggs everywhere, Most of them full too!

Ben Mason



Sue & her horse:

Brilliant results today after using an extra supplement, thank you Marcus for your advice. Can’t wait for the next competition with my new and improved horse. So much better going forwards rather than upwards and backwards!!!

Sue Foord

It’s all new for Jennifer Neill with Cool, Calm & Collected

My horse’s first week on his CCC and what a week, so far some good behaviour on the days on but the first 2 days off where a bit hairy! Took me almost 2 hours to try get him in from the field (has been an issue this summer with him pulling away when coming in to do nothing exciting than trot to the top of the hill and wait till i go back up and catch him) The 2nd day off he was wild and nothing could get him to come in, managed to feed him his CCC in the field and let him sit it out, got him in eventually. Back on his CCC for the next 5 days on and tonight he walked in from the field stuck to me like glue without a hint of running off even with the wild wind, not even an attempt to try, that has been unheard off for the whole summer!!. I am really impressed so far and i know to expect some lapse in behaviour during loading on the days off, so im not worried as the good days are getting much better even after this short time so far!

Jennifer Neill

Bente and her 3 horses

Horse number 3 now on an EquiFeast Product. ‘Baby’ (3 and 7 months, see photo) is on Sensible Essentials and has taken to her gentle start to working life with calm gusto (possible combination?). ‘Huge Ginger’ (aged 6 – on WWEgold) is finally behaving reasonably enough for me to hack him out for long enough to make inroads on his huge belly (maybe?) and the ‘Jolly One’ has just started back on CCC, so watch this space.

Bente Elkjær

Felicity Scroggie’s Story

Dear Marcus, We have been feeding the starter pack to our 17hh Westphalian mare for a full two weeks now and she is going exceptionally well. Last week we went out and won at dressage which is not typical! Usually we get some excellent marks and then something stupid happens – a big spook, a disagreement, an unfortunate happening which means we carry a 2 or 4 and therefore always just miss out on a win. I got a first and my daughter was second in her class so we are delighted. We are putting this down to a combination of factors: your cool calm and collected product, the fact that she is now in her third month of pregnancy and there is a bit of a pregnancy bloom often when mares do perform well, and also that she is rebuilding strength to carry her self after time off for lameness and insemination. Probably hard to disentangle all tree factors but we are definitely pleased so far. Another dressage test tomorrow so we will see what happens…. 05/09/2011 – horse is still going brilliantly, this is the most consistent the horse has ever been. Two firsts yesterday! A delight at home and at competition!

12/09/2011 – Facebook update – We have had a really successful first month using cool calm and collected. from 5 dressage outings 3 wins, a second and a 4th. We would normally come 2nd – 5th and be saying if only she hadn’t spooked / ran around sideways / refused to go anywhere near teh judges box etc. This month has been really different.

13/09/2011 – And two more first places today. We are on a roll. She is four months pregnant and i know thre’s a well documented pregnancy bloom whihc may eb contributing something herebut I am sure your stuff is helping too. Thank you!

Felicity Scroggie

Bobby & Lewis

Dear EquiFeast, Our pony, Bobby, is a 14.2, 7 year old ISH and had never done any lateral work before, he is quite spooky and can fizz up. We have had him on winning edge for a few weeks now and at our first BD competition we scored 65.65% in a prelim and 62.45% in a novice. My sons first love is dressage but also enjoys the eventing. They came 2nd at their first ODE at unaffiliated level this weekend and have entered BE90 at Burnham Market in a couple of weeks time. Lewis and Bobby have just come back from an event yard were Lewis was a working pupil for a week and he had the pony jumping the advance courses. Lewis’s instructor is keen for Lewis to produce him for Pony Trials in the next 18 months. All is going well. I up the dosage a little the day before an event and on the morning of the event. I really think winning edge has made a huge difference to him as he seems more settled and listens more.

thank you!

Helen Carrier

Sue Foord & WINNINGEDGE Gold

Hi EquiFeast, It has been nearly 2 weeks now and not noticing a huge difference but as you explained it will take a while. It was difficult getting him to eat it originally as he is very clever with new stuff in his food and that is quite alot of powder, so I split it into 2 feeds a day and also cut his hay right down so he was hungry enough to eat it. Now we have no problems and we are back to one feed a day. He also seemed like a total donkey within a couple of days of starting it but seems more normal now. I have an event on 14th August so I am looking forward to seeing a difference then. Normally we do dressage on the 3/4 lines as the outside boards are far to scary to go near and hopefully he will have confidence out xc. Thank you for enquiring and I hope to give you a fabulous update soon.

02/09/11 Update – Hello EquiFeast, Great to hear from you again. Things are progressing well although I unfortunately had to cancel my last ODE due to him being lame. One huge positive is that after 2 weeks off I did some fitness work and his breathing is so much better, I hardly thought he had had a break he came across so fit!! I am extremely pleased with how the supplement has lasted and is improving behaviour, I must admit when I first opened the container I was worried that it wouldn’t last but I still have lots left!!

Sue Foord

Nick’s birds fly to victory with a little help from The birdcare Company

Local pigeon racer Nick Orchard popped into the factory to show us the results sheet from his last three week’s races. Not only had he won all three but he had done so by a tidy margin beating a number of National standard racers.

Even more ALL of his birds returned from every race – something few racers achieve this consistently.

Nick is a truly amateur racer competing his small team against experienced people who can dedicate their full day to their birds.

A few years back Nick had used some products from The Birdcare Company. Despite some good results he had stopped but in late July he started again. He uses Pigeon Essentials, Pigeon CalciBoost and Triumph! and the impact on his race results has been dramatic and immediate.

Nick Orchard

Ann Hollingsworth & her baby parrots

I have been hand rearing baby parrots for more than 20 years now.  I recently had to hand rear aSenegaland cockatoo.  I used my normal hand rearing food that I had used for years; unfortunately both birds got a Candida yeast infection.  I tried everything to clear the birds’ crops, but sadly the cockatoo passed away.

Having persisted with theSenegalI found I could still not clear the crop so I phoned The Birdcare Company and spoke to Malcolm.  I was quite surprised to learn that I could give Potent Brew neat directly into the beak. I had always given Potent Brew mixed with water and Spark during the first few days of the birds’ life, but never dreamt of giving it neat.

TheSenegalwhich only weighed 25g was given 1ml of neat Potent Brew and the turnaround in its health was extremely quick. TheSenegalis now feeding really well and growing well and now weighs about 120g.

Ann Hollingsworth


Coral Brattley & her African Grey Billy Bird

I recently called The Birdcare Company for advice on my African Grey Billy Burd as he had been looking a bit under-the-weather and had started to chew his feathers. We started by adding daily essentials1 and Calcivet to his drinking water. He improved a bit but was still not well.

So following more advice from The Birdcare Company he was placed on Potent Brew as well the original product I had been using. The effect has been wonderful. His droppings are now perfect and he has really perked up and even talking more. He has stopped feather chewing, even his beak has changed colour from pale grey to a strong dark grey colour.

Coral Brattley

Early breeding canaries

The canary breeders of Northern Ireland used to believe that it was impossible to breed canaries before St Patrick’s Day.  But this year the rule has been broken and not just by a few days but by seven weeks!

By the 3rd February Martin Hunter already had over 20 sturdy Fife chicks, even more amazing some of the mothers were only seven months old and others had been Amtracked to the province only weeks before in late November.

Martin said “My mates at the Northern Ireland Fife Canary Club are amazed but I put it down to using the full Birdcare Company breeding system during January, I can’t wait for the show season as my birds are going to be two months older than their rivals on the show bench this year!”

Martin Hunter

Earl & Rachel 

My horse Earl & I compete at Grassroots level Eventing (BE90 & BE100) and although we have enjoyed some successes we have ‘lost the lead’ more times than I like to admit to by the time we leave the SJ arena.

After 2 years/seasons of struggling on & trying out a variety of ‘calmer’ products (for the rider as well as Earl!) to no avail the EquiFeast leaflet fell out of an equine magazine I was reading.  As I took in the information it was like the leaflet was written about me & my horse!

I am embarassed to say we have been fairly difficult customers to the EquiFeast team and have definitely not been their easiest case study but the quality service I have received has meant that perseverance is winning the day & I am more excited than ever about the coming season!

I have felt throughout that the EquiFeast team understand my horse and his insecurities and have done everything in their power to tailor the product content and dosage to meet his needs.

Since Earl has been using EquiFeast Cool, Calm & Collected we have jumped our best & calmest ever SJ rounds and came 2nd in our first ever BD Elementary dressage test last weekend – all of which are fantastic preparation for the start of the Eventing season.

Whoopeeeee & THANK YOU TO YOU!

Rachel Buckle

Ann & her dog

I have a beloved 14 year old Border Collie/Jack Russell cross which followers me around everywhere. Unfortunately, the dog stopped eating one day and I couldn’t even tempt the dog with any of its favourite tit bits. Sadly, the dog was diagnosed with pancreatitis and had to be put on a drip. The vet tried everything to get the dog to eat but nothing would tempt it; the vet could do no more and the dog was sent home.

I was so desperate to get my lovely dog to eat that I started to feed it Poly-Aid via a syringe. Once the dog got used to this, I then liquidized some white fish and added Poly-Aid to this food. And after a short time, the dog started eating again.

I needed to order some more Poly-Aid, so phoned up The Birdcare Company.  Malcolm suggested that I put the dog on to Special Needs Diet, as this has digestive support technology in it and is easy to digest like the Poly-Aid. Since starting on the Special Needs Diet, the dog has started to eat chicken, white fish with vegetables and his tit bits.  The dog is now on a low fat diet and is doing well for a 17 year old.

Ann Hollingsworth

Hector & Prue

Spooky is not a strong enough term to describe Hector, I think he is not so much spooky as suffers from panic attacks.  Everything used to upset him, if someone walked by, a bird, cars, wind in the trees anything that caught his eye even if he saw it a 100, a 1,000 times a day his reaction was always the same, turn and run.

I now have him on Cool Calm & Collected.  The change in Hector is unbelievable. We made huge strides in a very short time. He gets better and better. I can ride in corners of my school that a few months ago would have landed me in A&E.  Suddenly our world has changed dramatically. He now goes in a snaffle and has amazing brakes. When people came to the yard and watched him strut his stuff round the field they always used to say ‘you should be out competing on him’, I cannot tell how my heart would sink. Now our future looks so much brighter.
Prue Boyd

Rabbits with dirty backsides don’t win shows
Have you ever had the experience of taking your best animal to a show only to have it marked down or even removed from the show due to a dirty backside.  You can’t blame the judge for removing an animal that may be ill and able to infect other livestock.  But the chances are the animal is just a bit stressed and the resulting digestive disturbance is causing looser than desirable droppings.  Such an animal is not ill!Exactly this circumstance occurred to Joan and Mike Ward at this year’s Bradford Show.  On Saturday morning their White Angora was stressed and getting a bit messy around the backside.  They were advised to give the animal some Spark and Potent Brew from Dr Squiggles.  The result was an animal that calmed down very quickly.  In fact it settled so well that it won Best Angora and 7thBest Fancy Rabbit!  Congratulations Joan and Mike!
Joan and Mike Ward

Noain & Rhianna 

I just thought I’d let you know how Noain is getting on since starting the Winning Edge supplement.  I am very pleased with how the supplement has affected Noain, he has been on the WinningEdge Silver loader for 4 weeks now and the main difference I have noticed is with his suppleness and concentration when working.

The supplement started working very quickly. Within a few weeks there was a noticeable difference. In our first competition on the supplement he won both classes scoring 70% plus and from this outing there was a write up about his results in the Horse and Hound.

Since then Noain has qualified for the BD summer regionals at novice in 3 tests by winning all 3. In his last 7 tests he has had 5 wins and 2 seconds. At our latest comp he achieved 76.1% beating the nearest score by over 8%. This test was in an indoor arena. Before having the supplement he would become tense when indoors but since being on the supplement the edge has been taken off him, he is a lot more relaxed whilst still being focused on his work.

I am so impressed with the product I intend to start my other horse on it as well. He is a medium dressage horse (Promise) who can be a bit stressy. The supplement has worked so well with Noain I hope it will have the same effect on Promise.

Best Wishes

Rhianna Humphreys

James & his Budgerigars

I gave Guardian Angel to two sick fluffed baby budgies that were 6 weeks old and looked like they were off to the bin, but after one day on this they are back up and have full crops.

Whatever is in it, works.

The babies in question were 42 days and 37 days respectively. They seemed to suffer after being taken away from their parents although both were seen eating. Maybe it was a de-hydration issue as it was hot over those two days but they looked very thin, fluffed up and green runny poo. I cleaned them up, administered some Guardian Angel in water form, then left them to it. In the morning I repeated this and also left it in the drinkers. By the 2nd evening they were on the perch with full crops.

James Folly 

Fiano & Stef

I was given Fiano in 2006 as he had developed a serious habit of rearing up and falling over backwards. Initially, he was a real challenge and it took about 2 years before I could even take him in an arena and start to work him. I progressed up the levels but he was difficult to keep focused and would over-react to any form of pressure – if I kicked him twice I might be ok but the 3rd time could end up with us being vertical! Although I had some success in competition, it was never under my control!

Last year, I started feeding Fiano with Cool, Calm and Collected. After 10 days I noticed him becoming more relaxed and less reactive to being ridden in a stressful environment – such as at a competition. He became much easier in the arena at home and was noticeably less susceptible to noises that would have previously have made him nervous and as a result difficult to ride. I also noticed that he held his weight much more easily than before and bulked out in his top line.

Fiano has progressed well in his work and everyone who knows him cannot believe that he is behaving! He is so much better in the warm up at a show and did his first Grand Prix class, coming second!

However, after this success, I ran out of the supplement and within 2 weeks, at the next show, he was eliminated for rearing and more embarrassingly I was then stuck in the same spot for about another minute! Luckily, I contacted the Equifeast team who dispatched my additive immediately and within 2 weeks of re-introducing the Cool, Calm and Collected, Fiano has clamed down and is now back on track!

Stef Eardley


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