Our Products

Covering your animals every need


Our product range is designed to give you the choice and flexibility to tailor your animals nutrition to its health and workload needs. We offer a range of products and you may want to mix and match between them.

A good place to start is the product guide (for horses Product Guide) (bird and small animal product guide) on our website which summarises the key components/problems each product is designed to help with.

We are always available to help you select the best option for your animals – Call our help line on: 
Horses: 0845 230 1086
Birds & small animals: 0845 835330


Our Products


Products in the Problem Solver range are targeted at specific issues. They can be used individually or in combination. We believe that most supplementation works best if it is comprehensive so we would always recommend you use one of the feed balancers in the Problem Solver range or use something from our Combination Range.


The Combination range combines technologies from the Problem Solver range to give a more comprehensive and a more economical approach to horses needing multiple supplementations – which we believe applies to almost all horses!


WINNINGEDGE is the logical conclusion of this philosophy as it provides the most comprehensive package of ingredients ever offered to horse owners. Designed for competition horses it is also valuable for older recreational horses with multiple needs.



Dogs, Cats & Small Animals:

Can you imagine what it would be like if every meal you ate was cabbage?  Boring, boring boring!  Worse than that it wouldnt give you a very balanced diet so you wouldn’t grow properly and you would be more likely to get ill.

Wild animals eat lots of moist, green leaves and roots which are very nutritious.  But the dried foods that form the basis of most pet foods have lost much of their natural vitamin and mineral nutrients during the drying process.

Dr. Squiggles is an expert on animal food and he has designed a system that enables you to feed your loved pets just as well as their wild cousins.

This way the animals in your care will be healthier, fitter and more fun to play with.



Supplementing the diet of our pet and breeding birds is very simple if the right products are selected. Unfortunately this selection process is often quite difficult. Many supplement suppliers only offer one or two basic products and these may be far from ideal for your particular circumstances.

At The Birdcare Company we have designed a broad selection of products designed to cover the special needs of different birds and different circumstances. The system is generally based on one “Essentials” product plus, in most cases, Calcivet (CalciBoost) . For breeding birds or sick birds we add further products.


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