News of the week…

the Birdcare Company Launch new Feather Plucking Starter Pack!

That’s right folks! We’ve had such a response to our involvement in the FAB new website, we’ve launched a new product! You can now buy a Feather Plucking Starter directly from The Birdcare Company to help your feathered friends on the road to recovery. Why not read a little more about it by clicking here or give us a call on 0845 1308600 – we’re always here to help.


Our full support for the launch of a new feather plucking website!

We celebrate the launch or an exciting new website designed to help others with birds that feather pluck.  Why not check out their brilliant feather plucking website! and lend a hand in helping it grow.

Good luck featherplukcing team.







Our exciting week continues.

Theodor Wahren from Sweden is competing on EX2000 at the Boekelo 3DE. If he does well he could make the reserve list for the Swedish Olympic team. That would be very exciting so we will be watching the web site closely! Good riding Theodor!!

New study to examine equine supplements

What are you feeding your horse this autumn?

What are you feeding your horse this autumn? New study to examine equine supplements

A research team at The University of Nottingham’s School of Veterinary Medicine and Science is appealing for horse riders and owners to come forward to take part in a unique new study into equine nutritional supplements.

The research will focus on nutritional supplements for horses competing in dressage and eventing and will aim to discover what supplements are currently used, what riders and owners would like to see available and the best ways of passing on information about them.

The researchers hope to improve understanding of the key health and performance issues in these disciplines and how nutritional supplementation could be improved to support this.

Dr Sarah Freeman, Associate Professor and European Specialist in Large Animal Surgery, who is supervising the study said: “Nutritional supplements are commonly used for health and performance in horses and there are a large range of them available on the market. Despite their widespread use, there is little information available about which supplements are used and why.

“Research in human athletes has helped to understand what type of supplements athletes want and the best ways of passing on information and advice. However, this is the first time that this type of research been done in horses.”

The study is being undertaken by two third-year veterinary students, Charlotte Agar and Rachael Gemmill, in collaboration with Dr Teresa Hollands at Dodson & Horrell Limited, a leading manufacturer of horse feeds, including nutritional supplements.

Riders and owners are being asked to fill in an online survey.

The researchers will then follow up with selected volunteers who will be interviewed to explore some of the issues in greater depth.

Dr Teresa Hollands, nutritionist at Dodson & Horrell and a specialist lecturer in animal nutrition at Nottingham’s School of Veterinary Medicine and Science, said: “Nutritional guidelines for horses are designed to support a healthy gut, to decrease chronic disease risk and improve overall performance. However as the research with human athletes has shown, there is often a discrepancy between awareness, understanding and use of food and supplements.

“With the Olympics on the horizon this research is particularly timely; not only do we want to use the results to support our elite horses but also to provide an information legacy for all horse owners and riders.”

The School of Veterinary Medicine and Science at The University of Nottingham is the first new vet school to be established in the UK for more than 50 years, having taken its first intake of students in September 2006.

In July, the school celebrated its first year of graduating veterinary surgeons and has established a reputation for outstanding success in veterinary education and research, demonstrating strengths in areas including evidence-based medicine and knowledge transfer.


The Birdcare Company get the silver treatment! 

The Parrot Society very kindly presented Malcolm Green with this silver salver as a “thank you” for the support we have given over the past four years as sponsors of the National Exhibition. We are delighted! Thank you to David Coombes (PS Vice Chairman). And thank you to Cage & Aviary Birds for the photo.


EquiFeast’s sponsored rider qualifies for 2012 Olympics

The EquiFeast Team celebrates as their elite rider Takeaki Tsuchiya qualifies for the 2012 Olympics.    

In the Cotswold town of Nailsworth Gloucestershire, EquiFeast are eagerly preparing for the Olympics as one of their sponsored riders, Takeaki Tsuchiya from Stamford Lincolnshire, qualified for the 2012 event while competing at Blenheim Horse Trials over the weekend.  This qualifying result means that Japan will be represented at the Olympic Games and it is hoped that Takeaki will be joining them.

Takeaki Tsuchiya came to England in 1993 from Japan, to pursue a riding career.  He has trained with some of the world’s finest riders and is a big part of the Japanese national riding squad.

For almost 6 years, EquiFeast has supported Takeaki in improving his horse’s concentration and behaviour with the objective of seeing him through to the big event next year.  Through hard work, determination and the introduction of EquiFeast’s new, innovative “brain food” supplement containing the all-important chelated calcium, Takeaki and his horse Jackabee are sure to sail through.

Takeaki now lives and works in a picturesque village near Stamford in Lincolnshire with his wife Natalie where he specialises in producing for sale and sourcing talented young horses for eventing and dressage.

As EquiFeast climbs it’s way to the top in the equine supplement industry and lead the way with their new calcium technology, so do their riders and this Japanese rider is a great example of this success.

Event riders like Takeaki Tsuchiya have played a vital role in the engineering of EquiFeast new calcium calmer, a calmer that is set to challenge other horse calmers on the market for the top spot.  EquiFeast’s sponsorship of Takeaki has allowed him to train his horses to the best of their ability without compromising their competition edge, unlike other calmers.

The EquiFeast team are proud sponsors of Takeaki and hope with a little support from them they can help carry him to the Olympics.  Ears are pricked and fingers are crossed for the Japanese rider in the run up to the London 2012 Olympics, with sponsorship and the all-important “brain food” for his horse, Takeaki is sure go all the way.

Nick’s birds fly to victory with a little help from The birdcare Company

Local pigeon racer Nick Orchard popped into the factory to show us the results sheet from his last three week’s races. Not only had he won all three but he had done so by a tidy margin beating a number of National standard racers.

Even more ALL of his birds returned from every race – something few racers achieve this consistently.

Nick is a truly amateur racer competing his small team against experienced people who can dedicate their full day to their birds.

A few years back Nick had used some products from The Birdcare Company. Despite some good results he had stopped but in late July he started again. He uses Pigeon Essentials, Pigeon CalciBoost and Triumph! and the impact on his race results has been dramatic and immediate.


Elite West County Rider helps revolutionise the horse calming market

Brain food for horses – a unique approach by EquiFeast

When she started riding her new novice horse Mocharabuiee in early 2011, she knew she was onto something a bit special but needed him to get his brain into gear and concentrate in order to perform at his best.  As an elite rider for EquiFeast, a leading equine supplement company, Cindy wasted no time in contacting Director Malcolm Green to see how they could help.  Fortunately, EquiFeast has just launched a ground breaking new technology called VCAL which contains the country’s 1st chelated calcium concentration aid and is designed to help a horse’s brain function as nature intended.   This approach has never been taken before in the equine industry and Cindy was keen to give it a try.

Mocharabuiee was immediately put on WINNINGEDGE by EquiFeast which contains healthy levels of the all-important chelated calcium and Cindy could not believe the results.  A first place in the novice class at Moreton in March was followed by an impressive 4th at his first Intermediate competition at Gatcombe Park the same month.

With this little tweak Mocharabuiee has gone from strength to strength achieving an impressive 14th place at Aston-Le-Walls last month in his first ever Advanced Class.

Remarkably Cindy has taken Mocharabuiee from Novice to Advanced in less than 5 months with the help of EquiFeast, and more is planned with an FEI 3 star event to target before the end of the year.

Cindy’s willingness to try something new and understanding of this simple approach has given her a winning horse and she hopes this technology can be used to help many other horses and event riders.  She has seen 1st hand that fixing the cause of the problem rather than just the symptom gives the best results and actually works out better on the wallet because she now has a healthy, happy horse that she can enjoy riding and improve performance.  Riders like Cindy are helping change the way the equine industry currently view and market calmers.  Cindy and Mocharabuiee are going from strength to strength and have become a real asset to the West Country’s riding elite and their results speak for its self.

What a result for Jennifer

Jennifer Taxay finished 4th at her first 4 star event in the USA a few weeks after starting on Cool, Calm & Collected.




Rachel Buckle get a top result!

Rachel & Earl would like to thank Equifeast, especially Malcolm Green-Equifeast & Marcus Holley for all the advice & assistance you have provided this year! Your products have boosted our eventing performance, culminating in us qualifying for the BE Grassroots Championships at Badminton next May after a double clear at West Wilts Regional Final last week. Whooppppeeeeee!!!!

Top results for the EquiFeast team!

Congratulations to The British 2 star Eventing team for winning the European Championships at the weekend. And congratulations to Jonathan Chapman for individual 4th place!

Jon Souch also had a great day at W. Wilts finishing 3rd behind Harry Meade‘s Easter Fable. So EquiFeast had a 2,3,4 &5 on the day!


We’re running 2 competition – ENTER NOW


We are running an amazing competition just for you! We are offering you the chance of winning a FREE 5 week Loading Pack of Cool, Calm & Collected AND a FREE Maintenance 5 week pack of Cool, Calm & Collected!  Every time EquiFeast reaches another 100 friends, a winner will be picked at random and announced.  All you have to do is simply Like EquiFeast’s Facebook page and post a picture of you & your horse with a message.  So for every additional 100 friends, your name will be added to the draw once more and another winner will be announced. ENTER NOW FOR FREE!

Bird Club Competition – Bring back the Bird Clubs!


We are running an amazing competition just for you! We are offering you the chance of winning a £40 gift voucher for your club and two runner up £10 gift vouchers.  All you have to do is post a picture of your club or members and tell us why your club is so great.  For every 20 clubs that join our Facebook page, we will select one lucky club as our winner and two runner ups.  Make your club stand out from the crowd.  ENTER NOW FOR FREE!

EquiFeast Launch MythbustersTM

Our MythbustersTM series of blogs are designed to encourage people to think about common problems in a new way. The basic philosophy behind these articles if that if a problem is common, despite all the modern science and knowledge perhaps that science and knowledge, then surely something  is missing in our understanding?

These articles are designed to challenger conventional wisdom. You may find some of their contents disturbing, even threatening but we hope you will approach them with an open mind. Feel free to add your comments and thoughts at the bottom. MythbustersTM are a discussion not a lecture.

If you feel there is a myth out there that you would like to raise and if you are prepared to put your head above the parapet, email us at


We are really excited to be there!

The Festival of British Eventing – 5th – 7th AUGUST 2011

This renowned event takes place at Gatcombe Park, spectacular home of the Princess Royal and her family and incorporates the British Open, Intermediate and Novice Championships. As well as a weekend of top class eventing there will be a shopping village, arena attractions and entertainment for all the family.

More young female bird keepers? 

I have been attending bird shows and sales since 1994 and over the years the age of those attending seems to have got steadily older. But at the Parrot Society’s Summer Show at Stafford there seemed to be a significant increase in the numbers of younger bird keepers. Couple in their 30s and 40s were in abundance and even younger people with babies in pushchairs. The presence of younger women may be significant. In America the canary/budgie part of the hobby has tended to be male dominated as it is here but the exotic finches and the full range of parrots and parakeets have largely been kept by women. Are we heading for a similar growth in female participation in bird keeping over here?

On our stand we were also visited by two younger ladies from the Walsall CBS where there has been a hand over from the older generation to a younger committee. Younger, more energetic people are the future of the hobby. People who can embrace the Internet whilst keeping traditional shows and clubs going into the future.
I think this all bodes well for the future of bird keeping in the UK but it may lead to a change in the balance of birds kept towards parrots and finches and away from canaries. Unless of course, the canary breeders open their hearts to more ladies!

Malcolm Green

We’re in the local paper!

Hi All,

You may like to know that this week we made the papers with the launch of our new product VCAL.

You can check out the article HERE!

Congratulations to Megan Hay

Congratulations to Megan Hay for fourth place at Salperton this weekend. Early in 2010 she was being dragged round cross country courses by Hope Valley Colleen. Despite heavy biting this resulted in slow times. But Cool,Calm & Collected changed all that and now she rides cross country in a snaffle with improved control and horse judgement. And at the weekend they were the fastest combination in their class round the course!

Good news for Harry and Tinka

Harry was delighted with Tinkas Time’s dressage test yesterday where he scored 29.2 and was lying 3rd in the competitive AI section at Salperton.  It is great to see the results of our training really paying off this season and he has become a super horse to ride in this phase.  After a fantastic Show Jumping round at Tattersall’s on his last outing, he was a little over exuberant in the show jumping yesterday which resulted in very uncharacteristic fences down.  He made up for this giving me a confident but steady ride cross country as planned.  Next stop, Stonar on Wednesday.

To read more on harry and Tinka click HERE

Celebrating the launch of East Midlands Rider Magazine!

East Midlands Rider Magazine go 21st century! Their online magazine is not only super eco and user friendly but also provides instant updates and consumer interaction.  Great things are to come from this magazine and we are delighted to have their support with our latest news.

Have a look at our latest press release here

Welcome Emily

Calinnova Ltd has brought in Emily Chinn, PR & Marketing Specialist, to improve their communications with customers, retailers and the Press regarding their many new, innovative products and services and the latest news about progress and products. 

Well done Harry!

A good day for Tall Story at Withington, who produced a nice test and jumped a lovely double clear in his first intermediate.  Since this was a step up in level, Harry took him steadily across country to build up his confidence, and he finished in 12th place.

Tinkas Time gave another polished performance in the dressage to score 28 in the OI and a lovely clear round in the show jumping put him well into the lead before the cross country phase.  Unfortunately Harry was unseated when Tinka misjudged the small log that was underneath an electricity pylon – it was the most straightforward fence on the course and a totally uncharacteristic error. It shocked us all and is a great shame for the most genuine and reliable of cross country horses, who until today had never had a cross country fault with Harry from Pre Novice to 3* level!

“The enthusiastic crew at Equifeast are a key part of our team. They are dedicated to helping each individual horse, providing a bespoke service and utilising the most up to date technologies in equine nutrition.”

Malcolm Green from Calinnova Ltd to give talk to  British CIC** Championship team 


The 2011 British squad are set to achieve great things at The European CIC** Championships in August.  Calinnova Ltd proudly supplies a number of the British team with supplements and Malcolm Green has received glowing reports from these riders.

Malcolm is set to give a talk to the riders ahead of the championships to discuss the benefits of Calinnova Ltd latest ground breaking technology and how VCAL can help improve their horses performance.

GOOD LUCK to all the GB team in August!

Snip is a superstar at Rolex Kentucky!

Snip had a fantastic run at Rolex Kentucky.  He put in an obedient and relaxed dressage test on Friday.  The tough cross country course took its toll and although the footing was quite holding from all the rain early in the week Snip jumped around handily with a few time faults.  He came through with an excellent showjumping round with just the last pole down to finish in 11th place with huge cheers from the crowd and Joe was thrilled.

At 19yrs young Snip continues to amaze everyone with his soundness, tenacity and of course his fantastic character.  Snip is now getting a well deserved rest and we will keep you updated on his future plans for the rest of the season.

Well done Joe and Snip!

 News from VCAL 

Here at Calinnova Ltd we like to stay ahead of the game and investigate ground breaking technology to help improve your animal’s wellbeing.   We are proud to announce the launch of our latest technology – Vcal!

VCAL is a new and exciting nutritional ingredient that supplies highly bio-available calcium to the brain. It can be used in supplements and is a crucial nutrient for effective brain function.

VCAL also contains co-factors that help the animal to absorb and utilise calcium effectively both in the nervous system, muscles and elsewhere.  This allows the animal to function much more efficiently without the problem of sedation (often seen with the use of magnesium).

We are very excited about the launch of this product as it has taken us over two years to get to this point.  We have based this technology on helpful and informative feedback from our clients allowing our experienced nutritionist to analyse the cause of so many of your animals complaints, enabling us to produce the most cost effective and efficient treatments.


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