About Us

We’re all about your animals!

Calinnova Ltd is a family owned business with over 17 years’ experience in avian, equine and animal supplement formulation and manufacturing.  At Calinnova Ltd, we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and the results our products achieve.   Our staff have a real passion for animal health care and wellbeing and provide the highest level of free advice on our helpline: 0845 2301086.

We use proven ingredients found in nature to help us create unique effective formulations that complement the animal’s body.  We work very closely with our clients to continuously improve our products.  We encourage our clients to give feedback on our products as we endeavour to provide the very best remedies possible.

The result is our team of animal nutritionists are able to develop ground breaking, innovative nutritional technology and an extensive range of products, which are designed to offer you something for your animal’s every need.

About Malcolm Green (Calinnova Ltd Technical Director):

Malcolm Green, BSc (Hons) Biological Sciences; Grad Dip Agricultural Economics.

As a leading specialist in the animal supplement industry, Malcolm Green has tested the boundaries of supplement science and helped millions of animals around the world overcome health problems, ailments and general problems that arise from old age.

With over 25 years’ experience, Malcolm has earned the respect of many leading animal welfare organisations, experienced avian and equine vets and fellow nutritionists.   His unique approach to supplement development, has led him to develop ground breaking supplement technologies and produce some of the industries most copied products.

Malcolm believes the reason for his success is due to the fact that he analyses the reasons behind an animal’s condition, not just simply addressing its symptoms.  He believes that it is this ethos that has allowed him to achieve global recognition and led him to help so many animals, ultimately resulting in happy customers and improving animal welfare.  

With an Honours degree in Biological Sciences, he has spent much of his working life supplying nutritional advice to the industry and has specialised in the nutrition of birds and horses.   Yes, Malcolm has bred his own birds and he and his wife also keep horses, so their “real life” experiences, give them the advantage of understanding many animal owners problems and how best to develop products that help your beloved animals cost effectively. 

Sally & Malcolm are a real team and animal health & well-being are of utmost importance to them both, as they feel passionately about providing the very best advice available.

Both horse and bird mad, the Green’s have an understanding of customer and animal requirements and a knowledge of what their animals need, which allows them to help and inform other while developing new products.

Their highly trained staff are here to help, no matter how small or large the problem and if they don’t know, they almost certainly will know someone who does!


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