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horse, Cat & Dog Mobility Supplements At Their Best

Ultimate Mobility Support

Injury prevention is always better than cure

Calinnova Ltd. is a proud ambassador of animal health and strongly believes that prevention is better than cure and that good nutrition is the key to keeping our animals healthy.  Our team of nutritionists have spent over 17 years perfecting effective natural formulas to ensure EquiFeast, The Birdcare Company, DrS and CROCdoc customers’ animals nutritional needs are more then met.

It is surprising to find that many animal owners do not realise that their animals’ joints, muscles and ligaments also require specific nutrition to work effectively and stay strong and healthy.  It is appreciated that as an animal ages, they generally slow down and stiffen up; however, many animals are unnecessarily suffering from pain and stiffness as a result of poor nutrition.

So, the team at DrS and EquiFeast set out to rival the top joint and horse mobility supplements or cat and dog mobility supplements and produced a product that not only supports the Horse, dog or cat’s joints but also its muscles, ligaments and tendons.  Easy Mover was born, a four-in-one supplement, unrivalled in quality and affordability on the pet and equine supplements market.

When a horse or any other animal goes lame, most would reach for a joint supplement like Glucosamine only but find it has little effect.  The chances are that the real problem was a strained muscle, tendon or ligament and a joint supplement made little or no difference.

EquiFeast’s and DrS Easy Mover are different as Easy Mover provides both a joint and soft tissue support. The joints (not just the leg joints but all of the joints throughout the skeletal system) are supported by soft tissues like muscles, ligaments and tendons. These areas of the body need nutrients to work as well as possible too.

EquiFeast and DrS’ primary mobility supplement, Easy Mover, combines conventional chondroitin, MSN and glucosamine joint support with high levels of nutrients selected to help soft tissues. The result is improved equine and pet performance plus savings on treatments like chiropractic, physio, bowen and massage.  Easy Mover is simple to use and deals with a much broader range of problems before and after the event and it’s cheaper than most ‘joint only’ supplements!  Not bad, four benefits for the price of one.

EquiFeast have a broad range of equine supplements designed to support mobility amongst other things.  You will find mobility support in the following EquiFeast products.

Easy Mover
Supplement targeted at both joints and soft tissues (tendons, ligaments and muscles).

Mobility Essentials
Combining Essential Daily Care with the ingredients from Easy Mover for comprehensive joint and soft tissue supplementation.

Comprehensive supplement for young competition horses and those doing less stressful work like dressage.

Comprehensive supplement for older  competition horses and those doing more strenuous work like show jumping, eventing carriage driving and endurance.

For more information about DrS Small Animal Supplements and the sort of products they do that can help your cat or dog visit:

If you want to find out more about EquiFeast’s extensive range of horse supplements, visit:

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