Posted by: calinnova | October 24, 2011

Wild Bird Universal Winter Food

Wild Bird Universal Winter Food

Many will consider a good diet high in vitamins and essential minerals of utmost importance and wouldn’t dream of intentionally under nourishing our loved ones, including our pets.  We recognise the value of a good, balanced diet in both humans and animals.  However, during our tough, bitter winters, how many of us regularly feed our native birds with scraps of stale bread, fat balls or nutrient deficient wild bird foods?

Millions of well-meaning Britons do exactly this every year, without realising the potential harm they could be doing.  Certainly wild birds in winter need lots of energy to keep warm but they also require a whole host of vitamins, minerals and protein in order to fight off infections and flourish.  During the UK’s increasingly bitter months, our little wild friends often find it difficult to forage for food so it’s not surprising that as a result, many wild bird populations are in decline.

The Birdcare Company’s Wild Bird Winter Universal food uses the firm’s 17 years of experience in avian nutrition. We have developed a fully supplemented food that will appeal to a variety of garden birds from robins, tits, wrens and dunnocks to sparrows, finches and buntings, giving them everything they need to remain healthy.  You really will enjoy watching them go mad for the stuff!

Wild Bird Universal food has a broad spectrum vitamin, trace and macro mineral supplementation along with limiting amino acids and some superb health promoting herbs. These herbs support immune and digestive function whilst also protecting from common wild bird diseases such as coccidiosis.

Feed in a seed feeder for the tits and finches and sprinkle on the ground for soft bills like blackbirds, robins and dunnocks. Bring your winter garden to vibrant life!

If you are ordering products from EquiFeast or The Birdcare Company with a value of over £25 get up to 20 kgs of Wild Bird Universal Winter Food with no extra carriage charge.


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