Posted by: calinnova | October 21, 2011

Difficult behaviour – A thing of the past when using a calcium horse calmer

Difficult behaviour, which includes stable vices like box walking, weaving, crib biting and wind sucking, can have so many different causes from back pain through bad teeth to poor saddle fitting. Ulcers are another, sadly common, cause of difficult behaviour. Surprisingly common is inadequate nutrition.

Supplements can use two ways to deal with behaviour:

1. Sedate the horse with herbal preparations.

2. Ensure the nervous system and brain is properly nourished and functioning.

At EquiFeast we are not keen on the sedatory approach as it merely covers up the problem and doesn’t get to the root cause. Ensuring efficient nervous system function works exceedingly well in many horses but only if the supplementation addresses all of the nutritional inadequacies!

It is our belief that if a horse has inadequate supplies of one nutrient it almost certainly has shortages in others too. This is why our Cool, Calm and Collected supplement is more broadly based than ANY other nutritional ‘calmer’ on the market. Indeed it contains ingredients that we believe are very important that are not included in any other products we know of. So its chances of success are much higher.

Improving brain function is rarely a quick fix. Horses still remember the circumstances that frightened them before the supplement so Cool, Calm and Collected becomes a training aid by:

  • building confidence
  • reducing distractibility
  • improving concentration

This makes it a training aid not a sedative. But this means that it makes a genuine long-term solution to many behavioural problems. And this means improvements in all sorts of spheres from hacking to dressage and jumping. We incorporate this technology in WINNINGEDGE and look what is did for Harry Meade’s Midnight Dazzler in just a few weeks – and how it continued to help this horse in all phases of eventing for months and years.

Timing can also be crucial n the early days/weeks of use. A very few horse exhibit mood swings as they struggle to keep a balance of nutrients in their system. This all resolves itself when the loading period is complete. For some horses this takes just a few days but for most 3-6 weeks is more common.

Customers have always been very willing to share their experiences with us so please feel free to read some of them.

Cool, Calm and Collected is a unique product. It is used differently from other ‘calmers’ – most notably in the fact that it is only used five days a week.


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